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Our Latest Books
  • Processing of Natural Fibre Reinforced Bio-composites

    Bio-composites have seen a gradual grow in recent years over conventional polymer composites due to the fact that these are lesser or non-harmful to the environment depending on its constituents.

    Dr. Pramender Kumar Bajpai
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789388320085 (Available)
  • A Guide to Fully- Fashioned Sweater Manufacturing

    This book is an attempt to make the reader clearly understand the theory, the technique and the fundamental rules for making a perfect fit flatbed knitted garment using fully fashion technique

    Sunil Kumar Puri
    Price:    Rs.3195
    9789388320177 (Available)
  • The Pashmina

    This book gives the reader a picture covering the Pashmina Industry and trade. Though, it is not a complete picture, but I definitely feel that this book will provide the reader with adequate information about Pashmina Fibre.

    Dr. Sailen Kr. Chaudhuri
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789388320214 (available)
  • Production Parameters

    This book on "Production Parameters" covers a good understanding of various parameters/ factors involved in the analysis of production/manufacturing. Several examples are explained considering each parameter separately.

    Dr. Sanjay Sharma
    Price:    Rs.2995
    9789388320054 (Available)
  • Wind Energy

    This book discusses global status of wind energy, wind turbine technology, planning wind projects, wind resource assessment, offshore wind energy, etc..

    SC Bhatia and Puneet Mangla
    Price:    Rs.3495
    9788193644621 (Available)
  • Design and Structure of Textile Fabrics

    The present book is written by the author in a comprehensive way with all of his experience. Different aspects of fabric structure and textile design are dealt here. This will be useful for all who dealt with textile design.

    Dr. Siba Prasad Mishra
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789388320122 (Available)
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