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Our Latest Books
  • History of Plant Pathology

    History of Plant Pathology states that the science of plant pathology is made interesting and of in depth understanding when one study the history or historical events in the development of this subject.

    Prof. S.G. Borkar
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789385059179 (Available)
  • Sarees of India

    Sarees of India states that Woman is the most beautiful creation of God and Indian women are considered as the most beautiful in the world.

    Dr N. N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059148 (Available)
  • Pollution Control in Textile Industry

    This edition of book discusses: enzymatic treatment of wastewater containing dyestuffs, degradation of toxic dyes, biological methods of removal of dyes from textile effluents, etc.

    S.C. Bhatia, Edited by: Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.3125
    9789385059223 (Available)
  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation promises to fill the gap between supply and demand. Several measures for conservation of energy are very important for consideration

    S.C. Bhatia, Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059230 (Available)
  • Science in Clothing Comfort

    Science in clothing comfort deals with the basic scientific concepts behind the various aspects of clothing comfort, like concepts of physics neurosciences ,

    Dr. R.Alagirusamy, Dr. Apurba Das
    Price:    Rs.1495
    9788190800150 (Available)
  • Handbook on Fabric Manufacturing

    Handbook on Fabric Manufacture deals mainly with the activities involved in manufacturing of grey fabrics, inspection of both grey and finished fabrics, presentation of samples for market

    B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.3495
    9789385059162 (Available)
  • Performance of Home Textiles

    This book provides an overview of the types of fibres used in home textiles and key issues related to product development, industry standards, regulatory aspects and evaluation systems.

    Dr. Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.1795
    9789380308098 (Available)
  • Food Biotechnology

    Today, in the arena of food, the primary goals of food biotechnology are to provide a more abundant, less expensive, and a more nutritious food supply in order to address the needs of our growing global population.

    S.C. Bhatia
    Price:    Rs.3495
    9789385059186 (Available)
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