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Our Latest Books
  • Industrial Energy Conservation (2 Volumes)

    This book discusses energy efficiency technologies related to boiler, steam distribution and waste heat recovery, energy conservation in chemical process and allied industries, etc.

    S.C. Bhatia & Puneet Mangla
    Price:    Rs.6795
    9789385059254 (Available)
  • Advances in Silk Research

    The primary objective of writing this book is to create an awareness of the researches in the area and stimulate the readers to explore more about the fibre.

    N. Gokarneshan
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789385059216 (Available)
  • Home Furnishing

    This book focuses on the Home Textiles markets and its products such as furnishings, floor coverings, carpets, curtains, draperies, bed linens, kitchen linens,hospital linens, towels, etc.

    Dr. V. Ramesh Babu, S. Sundaresan
    Price:    Rs.3295
    9789385059285 (Available)
  • Texturising

    The book covers different methods of texturising, normal defects in texturised yarns, their causes, effects, remedies and Prevention through implementation of Quality Management systems.

    Dr. H.V. Sreenivasamurthy & B. Purushothama
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059278 (Available)
  • History of Plant Pathology

    History of Plant Pathology states that the science of plant pathology is made interesting and of in depth understanding when one study the history or historical events in the development of this subject.

    Prof. S.G. Borkar
    Price:    Rs.2795
    9789385059179 (Available)
  • Industrial Pollution and Its Control (2 Volumes)

    Industries contributes various kinds of pollutants to the environment. Different countries in the world are facing different types of industrial pollution problems.

    S.C. Bhatia, Pramod Kumar, Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.6995
    9789385059247 (Available)
  • Pollution Control in Textile Industry

    This edition of book discusses: enzymatic treatment of wastewater containing dyestuffs, degradation of toxic dyes, biological methods of removal of dyes from textile effluents, etc.

    S.C. Bhatia, Edited by: Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.3125
    9789385059223 (Available)
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