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Our Latest Books
  • Advanced Woven Fabric Design

    The book deals with the aspects of Advanced Woven Fabric Design dealt in a simple manner with examples to understand and to work out also in the book itself.

    Dr. J. Hayavadana
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059414 (Available)
  • Theory of Structure and Mechanics of Yarns

    The book entitled "Theory of Structure and Mechanics of Yarns" represents a system of theoretically derived inherent laws of a special type of fibrous assembly, known as yarn.

    Prof. Bohuslav Neckar and Dr. Dipayan Das
    Price:    Rs.4695
    9789385059407 (Available)
  • Textbook of Renewable Energy

    This book summarises various aspects of renewable energy and is divided into 16 chapters. This edition discusses renewable energy, solar radiation and its measurement, solar thermal energy conversion system, etc

    S.C. Bhatia and R. K. Gupta
    Price:    Rs.650
    9788193644607 (Available)
  • Textile Dyeing

    It deals in details the various types of fibre dyeing, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing and garment dyeing with process parameters and dyeing cycle of polyester, cotton, acrylic and viscose dyeing.

    Dr. N. N. Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059261 (Available)
  • Agro Textiles and Its Applications

    This book focuses on the Agro Textiles and its Applications. It also gives multidimensional views and solutions to the problems being faced by agro industry.

    Dr. S. Grace Annapoorani
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9789385059360 (Available)
  • Textile Mechanics and Calculations

    Textile Mechanics and Calculations is written with an exhaustive information on the mechanical elements used in power transmission and textile equipment and machines.

    Dr. J. Hayavadana
    Price:    Rs.4695
    9789385059056 (Available)
  • Textile Substrates-- Fibres, Yarn and Fabric

    This book gives a treatise on all the common textile substrates - Natural and Synthetic fibres, yarn and fabric. It includes the chemical structure, manufacturing methods, fundamental properties, physical and chemical characteristics.

    Matthews Kolanjikombil
    Price:    Rs.4495
    9789385059377 (Available)
  • Plant Biotechnology

    This book summarises various aspects of Plant Biotechnology and is divided into 27 chapters. This edition discusses plant cell culture and development, plant tissue culture, micropropagation, etc

    Ms. Hiru Ranabhatt, Ms. Renu Kapor
    Price:    Rs.3995
    9789385059339 (Available)
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