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Our Latest Books
  • Textile Printing

    Textile Printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite patterns or designs. Textile Printing was known in Europe, via the Islamic world, from about the 12th century and widely used all over the world.

    Dr N N Mahapatra
    Price:    Rs.2695
    9788195761845 (Available)
  • Industrial Textiles

    Industrial Textiles offer new ways means and opportunities for the Indian and global textile industry to sustain the present growth and thrive in the near future.

    Dr G Thilagavathi Dr S Periyasamy Dr J Krishnasamy
    Price:    Rs.3495
    9788195404827 (available)
  • Computer Aided Drug Development

    Computer Aided Drug Development This book critically discusses the optimization technology and their applications for drug design in pharmaceutical research and development and also computers in market analysis

    Dr Suryakanta Swain Dr Sandip Prasad Tiwari Dr Rabinarayan Pa
    Price:    Rs.2495
    9788195404841 (Available)
  • Textile Effluent Treatment Methods

    The chapters in this book have been arranged in three areas which includes nanotechnology approach, green chemistry method and sustainable approaches.

    Dr. OL Shanmugasundaram
    Price:    Rs.2795
  • Ethics and human values in engineering practices

    Ethics and Human Values in Engineering Practices, emphasis on basic human values and engineering ethics which deal with understanding the moral values that ought to guide the engineering profession, resolve the moral issues in the profession.

    Dr.Subrata Das
    Price:    Rs.2195
  • Energy Conservation in Textile Industry

    The textile industry is one of the most complicated manufacturing industries because it is a fragmented and heterogeneous sector dominated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

    S. C. Bhatia Prof. Puneet Mangla Sarvesh Devraj
    Price:    Rs.3995
    9789385059391 (Available)
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